Thursday, 24 May 2012

Too damn hot

It's still rather hot and while Ruben had a cool off in the lake, another frozen treat recipe is perhaps needed.

Fill an ice cube tray - preferably one with larger shapes - by gently pouring in natural low fat yogurt into each section. When you're done, squeeze a tiny amount of honey into the centre of every one and then place  in the freezer until solid. The honey might not completely freeze but the yogurt will. You can always make larger versions in a old ice cream tub if your dog is on the big side.

Pop one out of the tray and feed to your hot dog.

Feeding outside is fairly essential I'd say, they're a bit messy.

Wednesday, 23 May 2012

Hot Dog

It's suddenly got very hot and Ruben is all floppy and panting in the garden.

So, it's time to cool down those hot dogs.  Just giving them an ice cube can be amusement enough but if you want to go that stage further, dissolve a low sodium chicken or beef stock cube in some boiling water and, if you have some to hand, a little chopped parsley as well. When it's cooled down, pour the mixture into an ice cube tray, either regular squares or novelty shaped, and stick in the freezer.

Feed to your dog as an ice lolly treat whenever the heat strikes.

Just don't put them in your G&T by accident.

Saturday, 19 May 2012

As fit as a butcher's dog - for real

I really enjoyed being part of BBC Radio London's Barking at the Moon programme on Thursday night and it was good to find out that presenters, Jo and Anna, are also fans of feeding a natural diet too.

I mentioned that my local butcher makes a pet food mix which is made up of all the offcuts of beef, chicken and lamb which is then mixed in with a little bit of heart which I then feed raw. It's an inexpensive meal and packed full of organic, free range meat. If your local butcher doesn't make a similar product it may well be worth asking if they would consider making one - they have something to do with all the offcuts and you get a protein packed meal for your dog. Win, win as they say.

My local butcher is

Wednesday, 16 May 2012

Not just for cats

Fish and fish oils are a fine addition to a dogs diet. One of the quickest meals you can make is to open a can of mackerel and add an egg or mix in some cooked veg. Tins of sardines are also good to feed and they make for easy travel food when you want the convenience of something that can be stored and transported without mess.

Fish oils supplements are especially good for bones, joint mobility, easing arthritis and for maintaining healthy nails and skin. Dorwest herbs make a cod liver oil capsule and you can also buy Alaskan fish oil supplements which are very pure.

The lovely ladies, Jo Good and Anna Webb have invited me as 'Owner of the Week' onto their doggie programme, Barking at the Moon this Thursday 17th May on BBC Radio London 94.9 at 11pm. I shall be chatting to them about my love of feeding dogs a natural homemade diet so it should be fun.