Friday, 17 February 2012

Honey honey

Hippocrates, the great Greek herbalist doctor, had two basic remedies with which it was said he cured the sick of almost all their ills. One was hydromel - honey and water; his second was oxymel - honey and vinegar.

Although honey may not seem like an obvious dog food at first, when you think of a bear or a lion raiding a beehive it starts to make more sense.

Honey is certainly one of nature's great energisers and can give an instant energy boost especially to sick or older dogs or even puppies. It can be swirled on to an oat based meal or biscuit or can even be added to their drinking water. One of the reasons it's so effective is that the bees have cleverly done all the predigesting hard work so it's absorbed immediately into the bloodstream of the lucky eater.

Most honey you buy in supermarkets has been heat treated and as a result has lost some of it's health benefits so it's worth seeking out the pure raw stuff.  But either way, something so medicinal and beneficial never tasted so good.

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