Monday, 6 February 2012

Juicy gossip

One of the main problems of feeding fruit and vegetables to dogs is that they struggle to digest cellulose. They aren't cows after all. So essentially there are two ways of breaking down the cellulose and making it much easier for your dog to get the nutritional benefits. The first way is to cook them, but you can lose out as vitamins and other goodness may be leached out into the cooking water -  so always use the least amount of cooking water as possible.

The other way, perhaps best way, is to crush them. It really breaks down the cellulose and it also means you are feeding the fruit and veg raw which is also a good thing. By far the easiest method of doing this is in a juicer and it's the pulp that you would normally throw away that you use. So you can either make yourself a juice and keep the remains for your dog's dinner or make loads in one go and freeze in individual bags adding a bit of the juice in as you go. Once defrosted the pulp can than be stirred to any dog's meal.

Carrots, courgettes, celery, peppers, apples and pears all seem to juice well but you can have any combination you have to hand or use what's on special offer at the supermarket. Don't bother to peel and just remember to leave out onions or grapes as they can be toxic.

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