Saturday, 3 March 2012

The bitterest pill

Dogs seem have a remarkable sixth sense for knowing when you're trying to slip them a pill and immediately become suspicious of a normally well received treat.

I've tried most things including hiding them in food (carefully ignored and left in the bowl), wrapping them in tiny bits of ham (ham sucked off, pill spat on floor) and griding them up and adding to food which kind of works but often feel there might be powder left in the bowl and it can make for a very dry dinner.

Ruben has eight tablets a day made up of various supplements including fish oil as well as antibiotics at the moment for a bad paw. So my search for a suitable way of slipping a Mickey Finn continued but I think I've found the answer. Chicken livers.

If you cook them very lightly and then whizz them up in a blender you have a very basic liver pâté. Keep it in the fridge obviously and just coat the tablet with a little of the sticky mixture. You can of course just buy a liver pâté but it's going to have ingredients that aren't so good like onion and even brandy, so this is a really pure doggie version.

I think because the mixture is so sticky the dog just swallows the whole thing without trying to lick off the coating. Anyway it seems to be working and I haven't found any tablets spat out in his bed so I think this might be the winner.


  1. My success story was with Dairylea cheese...depends on the dog though. I used to have a dog that could sift out lentils from his dish of leftovers - never too sure how he managed that!

    1. I agree Dairylea also has the sticky factor. Unfortunately it gives Ruben diarrhoea which is why we don't give it to him!