Sunday, 11 March 2012

Oh Ruby.....

After a couple of months of trying to get to the bottom of what was causing Ruben's lameness and reluctance to go on walks we finally got things sorted this week. After X rays, a MRI scan and a CT scan (thank goodness for insurance) Ruben had an arthroscopy on both his front elbows where fragments of bone were removed and he also had a couple of tendons cut. It sounds a bit dramatic but he should much happier and pain free very soon and I have to keep reminding myself how amazing it is that a little cocker spaniel can have such specialist and precise treatment. The surgery was carried out at Fitzpatrick Referrals - home of the 'bionic vet' Noel Fitzpatrick who recently had a series on the BBC.

It's the most fantastic place and they took enormous care of him - Alan, the surgeon, even showed us a video of the arthroscopy which I have to say made me feel a bit icky!  He is back home now, resting and looking much like a poodle with shaved legs and big fluffy feet. He also had a rather fetching soft collar (much comfier than those hard plastic lampshade things) which has since been taken off when I realised he couldn't reach his dressings. This really is one of those times when you wished you spoke dog and could tell him that he'll feel much better soon!

As for post operative food he is on four small meals a day. A breakfast of oats cooked in water with some honey and natural yogurt and the other meals are full of easily digested muscle building protein so a combination of cottage cheese, raw mince beef and eggs but tonight he's having his favourite roast chicken as I think he's in need of a some special TLC.

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