Monday, 12 March 2012

I really love your tiger feet

The combination of Ruben having his hair clipped into a rather unusual style and watching the huge assortment of dogs on Crufts last night, means I have decided to come up with a more unusual breed name for him. Instead of just a plain old cocker spaniel, he's going to become a rare Turkish Slipper spaniel. A friend has also suggested he looks like an Australian Uggfoot dog..............any other suggestions welcome.

As Ruben is rather hairless at the moment I been thinking about the supplements that help hair growth and the richness of the colour when it does grow back.

One of the best is a seaweed, kelp. It's packed full of iodine and it's known to be very good for pigmentation and growing a lustrous coat.

Dorwest make it tablet form and also as a powder in their Keepers Mix. Go to:

So hopefully Ruben should be back to his usual woolly self in no time.


  1. He looks like he is wearing a pair of those duster gloves....

    1. Perhaps I can teach him to hoover as well.